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It's the feeling [entries|friends|calendar]
I know you could see....If you could only feel

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[10 Oct 2005|03:08pm]

I have such a crush on Matt. He's so hot!

He's so nice too. He's definately not the type to sleep with you and then just use you for sex later on.

That happened to me once. But he's so different. I just want him to notice me!!
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[24 Sep 2005|11:25pm]

So, the twins are in Grease again in Frederick with Smithereens. I can't wait to see them steal the show with their melodic voices. They rock my sox!!
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Idea [09 Jul 2005|10:19am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey! Let's start a T3 cult! lol. j/k! Haha. I was bored so I just wanted to do something silly. lol.

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New person [04 Jul 2005|02:25pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Sooooo, yeah. I'm new to the T3 girls, but I know the twins. But anyways... is anyone going to follow them when they go on tour? I might be going to Maine to see them. How long have some of you been on this thing?


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[06 Jun 2005|08:41pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

+ name: Danielle Guy
+ age: 14
+ location: Harpers Ferry, WV
+ siblings: none
+ if you have a job, what do you do? I teach little kids how to play the piano.
+ hobbies: where do I start? 1. arguing with Matthew if you can consider that a hobby. 2. life threatening sports. 3. writing 4. acting 5. eating
+ name 3 interesting facts about yourself: I’ve been out of the country 9 times, I’ve never had a boyfriend, and I’ve pinned Matthew to the wall before! That’s interesting, right?
+ favorite food? pasta
+ favorite restaurant? Rubys Tuesdays

About the Twins
+ How did you meet them? Mix of the Old Opera House and Life Smarts
+ Are you pretty good friends with them? Haha. I know a lot about them. Yeah, we’re pretty close. Hehe.
+ years of knowing them: Uhhhh, know, know them, 6 months. Known of them two years.
+ Can you tell them apart? Duh. They’re like, totally opposite.
+ Do you own their cds? Two of them.
+If so which ones? The Feeling and the demo thing.
+Whats your favorite song? Either Springtime or Without You. They’re both really good. And a lot of you must have heard of me if you go to the shows. I’m the girl they always dedicate G(W) to. And no, I hate that song like nothing else.

One last thing
+ how did you hear about T3_girls: my friend Stephanie!!!

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i couldn't resist, really. [22 May 2005|04:47pm]

[ mood | calm ]

baby, YOUR MOM's a star.Collapse )

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[20 May 2005|12:49pm]

[ mood | content ]

Mudd Puddle tomorrow!

Who all is going?

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[12 May 2005|09:28pm]

[ mood | busy ]

+ name: Emily Conrad
+ age: 17
+ location: Frederick, Maryland
+ siblings: one brother
+ if you have a job, what do you do? I work at the Frederick Community Action Agency, I'm a Programs Assistant
+ hobbies: reading, writing, music and being with my friends.
+ name 3 interesting facts about yourself: um...I..uh..I write for three newspapers in Frederick, I work with homeless people every day and...my favorite earrings are ones the twins made me when we were 14.
+ favorite food? right now, egg salad sandwiches from the Deli
+ favorite restaurant? Betty's in Shepherdstown and The Deli here in Frederick

About the Twins
+ How did you meet them? church and the Rocky Horror Picture Show
+ Are you pretty good friends with them? *laughs* yeah, you could say that.
+ years of knowing them: it'll be 4 years in October
+ Can you tell them apart? yeah, it's not hard at all.
+ Do you own their cds? all three of them
+If so which ones? Fantasie, The Feeling and this other one that just a few people got.
+Whats your favorite song? All That, Letting Go, L'Incrocio, The Boy Who Can't Let Go. haha I can never decide. but...okay All That has to be the best.

One last thing
+ how did you hear about T3_girls: my friend Alexandra

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reply to 'hmmmm.' [05 May 2005|10:15am]

[ mood | happy ]

oh you know, i don't know if he's the one in here. i'll ask him. :)

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[04 May 2005|10:19pm]

[ mood | awake ]

i finally got to listen to their cd. i left it on the table at school for a sec while i went and did something and this one guy picked it up and was amazed that i knew them. i was amazed that HE knew them. his name is Andrew. he does drama with them and his dance studio is like, three doors down from the Coffee Company in Frederick! duuuuudde. he knows all their songs. i don't think he likes their style but he does agree that they are very good singers. (i like both. their style and their voices.) some singers sound very good but the style they pick does not do them justice. may the horse be with you. ps. if you guys go to the show they'll do at the Beans in the Belfry, you'll be like, three blocks away from my house. bye.

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yo [02 May 2005|08:08am]

[ mood | anxious ]

hey everyone. no one has posted for a while so i figured i might as well. i cant go to the next couple shows but the one at the mudd puddle i can go to. so everyone has to show up!! and ask for more encores!!!! that was adorable. anyway, i was talking to matthew last night and hopefully we're gunna hang out next weekend. i cant wait. he is such a cutie. anyway, yea. g2g. other people please post. its so boring. i need to read!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!! ok...bye

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[25 Apr 2005|04:11pm]

So, I went to the twins show on friday. There was this really hot guy who had green eyeshadow on and curled some of his hair. I think he was gay though. He said at one point "I feel like you should play The Feeling." It was so lame and funny.

It was awesome. I stood in the back. They always play a lot of encores. Sometimes it's a bit much.

Did anyone ever notice that they never really say "feeling" in that song? Listen to your cd's if you have them. It seriously sounds like "the feething."
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[20 Apr 2005|04:34pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

YAY! two days until i seen them 'in action.' haha! as opposed to a pic. yeah. anyway.

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[18 Apr 2005|05:51pm]

[ mood | creative ]

guysguysguysguysguys! i found myself and my bestist friend on their pics. to view the lovely back of my head just go to their myspace and then 'more pics'. yeah. pick the mfu pic when they're in the acoustic room. i'm in the front row wearing the Fedora and biting my nails. yeah. that's what i look like. my friend amy, who's also in here, is sitting next to me in the trucker hat. the end.

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coffee company [17 Apr 2005|07:52pm]

[ mood | amused...AT MYSELF! ]

hello t3 fans. anyone going to the frederick coffee company show?? show of hands??? haha..nvm...yea hopefully my friend and i will go...there must be something wrong with me cuz i LOVE "falling into me" i cant stop listening to it. anywho...ttyl peeps in love with t3!

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[17 Apr 2005|06:04pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

oh no. it's happening! i'm forgetting what they look like! HAHAHAHAAHA. just kidding. i could never. i have one of their MFU pictures as my desktop. don't worry i'm not a stalker i'm just happy because my friend and i got to be on the internet in it!!! yay for us Amster! anyway. may the horse be with you.

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[16 Apr 2005|10:19pm]

baby i'm a starCollapse )
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[14 Apr 2005|02:52pm]

[ mood | curious ]

baby i'm a starCollapse )

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[13 Apr 2005|07:47pm]
application ♥

+ name:Cari Ann Hupke
+ age:15
+ location:virginia
+ siblings:1, 13 year old sis
+ if you have a job, what do you do?i dont have a job, cept babysitting
+ hobbies:dance, theater, singing, writing, reading
+ name 3 interesting facts about yourself.i have written seven stories and havent published any of them, i have been dancing for 13 years, my singing voice is the only thing im confident about
+ favorite food? veggie patch pizza
+ favorite restaurant?castiglias

About the Twins
+ How did you meet them?singing in the rain at the ooh
+ Are you pretty good friends with them? eh fairly good friends
+ years of knowing them: umm, like five or six
+ Can you tell them apart?yes i can and it took me a month to figure it out lol
+ Do you own their cds?yep both
+If so which ones?both
+Whats your favorite song? (if you have one)the feeling

One last thing
+ how did you hear about T3_girls: from stephanie
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[13 Apr 2005|12:37pm]

[ mood | creative ]

So I made an application for this community. Every one please fill it out if you get a chance. Please Put it behind lj-cut. If you don't know lj-cut the main page of T3_girls tells you how to use it. I think the application is a good idea so every one gets to know eachother alittle better.

My application Collapse )

Thanks -Steph-

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